How does partner with Strava?

Strava is the leading "social fitness" community for cyclists (and runners). Strava members use the service to track their own activities, but also to connect and compete with their friends and the wider network of fellow cyclists. 

We have partnered with Strava to bring our members several benefits:

  • To simplify sign-up
  • To allow sellers to quickly and easily list their bikes
  • To allow buyers to get to know both the bike and seller before they buy. If you want to buy a used bike then Strava is the ideal way to build confidence that you are buying a bike that will be perfect for you. 

1. Sign-up with Strava

From the home page of Perfecto, just click the "Login with Strava" button. You will be prompted for your Strava password, and then we instantly create a Perfecto profile including your name, photo and other details from your Strava account. Easy.


2. Add a listing with Strava

When you create a new listing, if your Strava account is linked to your Perfecto account we detect the bikes you have in your Strava profile and give you the opportunity to list them.

When you select one of these bikes, all the information associated with it is automatically pulled into your listing. 

3. Searching for Bikes with Strava profile

When you are buying a used bike with Perfecto you can search for bikes that have a Strava profile. 

When you look at a bike you can see how far the bike has been ridden, how long the owner has owned the bike, and much more. This builds confidence that the owner really is the owner, and lets you see how the bike has been ridden. 

For any seller with a linked Strava profile, click the Strava logo under their name to visit their Strava account to see all their recent activity. 

By partnering with Strava, Perfecto lets cyclists connect around their shared passion - so you can find the perfect bike to buy or the right person to buy your bike.