Bike theft - the numbers

We started Perfecto! partly because we were sick of having bikes stolen, and hated the notion that buying a used replacement bike might be causing the problem. So, how big a problem is bike theft?

  • The National Bike Registry estimate that 1.5 million bikes are stolen in the US each year
  • The FBI estimate $350 million worth of bikes are stolen in the US each year
  • quote FBI data that the average price of a stolen bike increased from $351 in 2009 to $420 in 2013
  • In the UK, the British Crime Survey suggests that more than 500,000 bikes are stolen each year
  • Also in the UK, 96% of bike theft victims don't believe that classifieds sites are doing enough to combat crime
  • A survey of 2,000 cyclists in Montreal found:
    • Half of cyclists have had a bike stolen
    • The average bike theft victim has had 2 bikes stolen
    • Only 36% of victims report the crime
    • 8.5% of victims had their bike registered at the time of theft
    • Only 2.4% of stolen bikes are recovered
    • 7% of victims never replace their stolen bike
  • San Francisco estimates that bike thefts increased 70% between 2006 and 2012
  • In Portland, the Police Bureau believe bike theft costs the city $2m+ a year, and that this has doubled since 2012